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3 Years Full -Time Course [ With 6 Semesters ]

Introduction : The program aims to educate students in the science and practice of IT. The emphasis is on hands-on practical training of software development. The curriculum prepares students for a career in the fast lane of software development and programming. The program enables the student to be updated on the latest revolution in technology and equips him/her with the required skills and knowledge to assimilate into the industry at ease. The content delivery is uniquely complemented by extensive practical training. The course covers computer programming, algorithms,problem solving, software development, mathematics, artificial intelligence, software engineering, operating systems, and graphics and so on. The curriculum also allows students to opt from a number of elective subjects.

Syllabus :
BCA First Year Revised-CBCS 2019-20
BCA Second Year Revised-CBCS 2020-21
BCA Third Year Revised CBCS 2021-22

Eligibility : Should have passed with 50% marks for general category and 45% marks for reserved category in 10+2 from any stream (Arts/science/commerce) including MCVC/ 3 Years diploma from any state board for technical education .

Program Outcomes (PO) for Computer Application:

Students / graduates will be able to

PO1 : Apply knowledge of mathematics, science and algorithm in solving Computer problems and applied use of banks.

PO2 : Learn various custom software.

PO3 : Design component, or processes to meet the needs within realistic constraints.

PO4 : Identify, formulate, and solve problems using computational temperaments.

PO5 : Comprehend professional and ethical responsibility in computing profession.

PO6 : Express effective communication skills.

PO7 : Recognize the need for interdisciplinary, and an ability to engage in life-long learning.

PO8 : Actual hands on technology to understand it’s working.

PO9 : Knowledge of contemporary issues and emerging developments in computing profession.

P10 : Utilize the techniques, skills and modern tools, for actual development process.

P11 : Function effectively as an individual and as a member or leader in diverse teams and in multidisciplinary settings in actual development work.

P12 : Research insights and conduct research in computing environment.

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